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nba比分详细 托??谟飔ask1-6形式模板汇总


  新托??谟锟际?---Task 1

  Question 1

  Major Type:

  Which/ What / Why / Who / how


  Which place is your favourite place to visit in summer?

  What game you loved most while studying in elementary school.

  Why do so many people love visiting museums?

  Who influenced you most in the past 3 years?

  How can a person improve English language?


  Make sure you have detailed examples to support your argument.

  Pay attention to tense if the example happened in the past!


  Personally, I would like to say that my favorite is … … And there are a couple of reasons to name here.

  The most important one is that … …

  What’s more…

  So that’s why I ….

  新托??谟锟际?---Task 2

  Question 2

  Major Type:

  Which do you prefer/ Agree or disagree


  Some people love eating out (such as at restaurants); others, however, prefer to eat at home. Which do you prefer?

  Do you agree or disagree with the following: People always need to tell the truth.

  Make sure you have detailed examples to support your argument.

  Tense is not very important for this question.


  Module 1 – Positive (同意)

  In my opinion, I agree with A / I prefer A

  First of all,

  Living in the city… not only makes me…. …. but also…..brings …

  Secondly (Besides, More importantly),

  city life … not only… but also …

  Module 2 -- Negative (反对)

  In my opinion, I do not agree with A/ I prefer B

  First of all, Living in the countryside… not only makes me…. …. but also…..brings …

  Secondly (Besides, More importantly)

  … not only… but also ….

  Module 3 -- Neutral 2 (中立,慎用)

  This is a hard question. In my opinion, whether we need to do A or B (Whether we should agree or disagree)….,

  it depends.

  On the one hand, A is .……………………..

  On the other hand, B is …………….

  新托??谟锟际?---Task 3

  Question 3


  The man expresses his opinion about the upcoming change. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

  Make sure you have taken notes correctly

  Your response must integrate both the Reading (20-30%) and the listening (70-80%)

  Girl/Woman :











  Module 1

  Reading - dialogue

  1. The school has implemented a new policy (new plan, announcement, …)

  that… due to… . And the woman/man holds a positive/negative view towards the announcement. '

  The 1st reason she/he offers is ….. ,

  The 2nd reason is …

  2. In the reading material, there is a/an announcement/ message/ notice/ proposal about …. The university/college is going to…

  In the listening material, two students discuss about this announcement/ message/ notice/ proposal.

  The man/woman is against/supporting the… He or she feels unhappy/ less satisfied about… (He/she thinks the … is unfair/ inconvenient/ unaffordable/ wrong). He/she gives two reasons.

  Firstly, he/she thinks/says…

  Also, he/she points out that…

  Module 2

  Dialogue - Reading

  According to the dialogue, the man/woman completely disagrees with the school decision/planning/announcement. That is to say, the school decides to …. because R1 + R2. However, the man believes …

  Module 3

  Totally integrated


  According to the dialogue, the man completely disagrees with the school’s decision.

  From the reading, we know that the school decides to renovate the library because they want to make it less noisy and more private for the students. However, the boy believes this change will do bad for the students’ group activities. The smaller rooms may reduce noise, but nowadays group projects are very common and important. Besides, the school can reduce the noise from the outside.

  The other reason the school provides for the change of the library is the space. According to the school, the new arrangement will add around 50 more seats for the students. However, according to the man in the dialogue, over-crowding has never been a problem in the school. In fact, many times the boy found that the seat in the library were free. Therefore, the boy believes that it is a waste of money to rebuild the library rooms.

  If there are 5 more seconds(optional).

  That’s because it is not only unnecessary but also waste of money. Not to mention is will badly affects students increasing groups projects.

  新托??谟锟际?---Task 4

  Question 4

  Title – Hard Academic Terminology

  The reading part normally gives a definition to the term. Sometimes examples may be given here. But generally speaking, the example will be different from that be elaborated by the professor in the future lecture.

  While students reading the passage, they should try their best to summarize the whole passage in one or two sentences. If possible, write this summary down on the paper.

  Don’t be afraid if you do not get the whole idea from the passage. If you fail to get any clear idea from the reading, then try your best to get most ideas from the listening.

  In your response, if you have clear picture of both the reading and listening, then you can use Module 1.

  If you have no idea about the reading, then you can use Module 2 in your response.'


  Module 1 (if you understand both the reading and the listening)(阅读听力都听懂了)

  Based upon the reading, (xxx) means that …(here add the summary you wrote down on the draft paper)… In the lecture, the professor continues to explain this concept of “XXX”. The professor tries to elaborate this term from the following examples.

  The 1st example is …..

  The 2nd example is …

  Module 2 (if you did not understand the reading) (没有理解阅读,但是听懂了听力)

  In the lecture, the professor talks about two (examples). One is about …. The other is about. He tries to use these two examples to elaborate the concept of “XXX” which was already explained in the reading, with means ….

  and …. .

  The first example the professor mentioned was ….

  The second one is …

  新托??谟锟际?---Task 5

  Question 5

  This question seems very easy. But many students could not do well.

  Make sure you exactly follow George’s training. Put your answers in the following THREE steps.

  Don’t make PRONOUN or GENDER mistake.


  “The woman gives two suggestions. The first one is, “you can go and talk to the professor to ask him give you more time.” The second one is, “you can work hard and try to finish within short time. So I will not miss the test.”


  Pay attention to tense

  Step 1 (what is the problem) (10-15 seconds)

  ding to the conversation, the man/ woman has a problem: (1-2 sentences’ description of the problem – don’t go into many details)

  Step 2 (what is the solution) (20-30 seconds)


  The woman/man offers two suggestions/advice/solutions.

  First, she suggests that he do …..

  (However, he’s concerned that …..

  Her other recommendation is to…

  (while in the man’s opinion …)

  Step 3 (which is better) (20 seconds)

  In my opinion, the 1st / 2nd is better. (Try to use the reasons the man raised in the listening to support your opinion. If you could not remember what the man said, you can also make up some reasons by yourself.)

  If it were my choice, I would choose the former/latter one, because…

  新托??谟锟际?---Task 6

  Question 6

  Similar to Question 4


  Pay attention to the tense while retelling the examples in the lecture. Many times you need to use past tense.

  Pay attention to the gender of the speaker. (Woman or Man? She or He?)

  Try your best to put the two examples into two different categories. Normally the two examples given in the lecture belong to two different groups.



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