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一. 词汇识别

1. After the peak year of 1957, the birth rate in Canada began to decline. It continued falling until in 1966, and it stood at the lowest level in 25 years.

The world “peak” is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A) mountain (B)summit (C)pointed (D)raised


2. Advocates of organic food---a term whose meaning varies greatly---frequently proclaim that such products are safer and more nutritious than others.

The world “advocates” is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A)inspectors (B)naysayers (C)proponents (D)beneficiary


3. Rapid industrialization and increased geographic mobility in the nineteenth century had special implications for women because these changes tended to magnify social distinctions.

The world “magnify” is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A)examplify (B)signify (C)amplify (D)justify


4. A dog"s sense of smell is keener than that of a human being.

The world “keener” is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A) more interesting (B) more acute (C) more appropriate (D) more useful


5. A flood of ice would then surge into the Southern Sea. With the continued rise in sea level, more ice would plunge into the ocean, causing sea levels to rise even higher, which in turn would release more ice and set in motion a vicious cycle.

The word "plunge" is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A) drop (B) extend (C) melt (D) drift


6. In the same year, in San Francisco, California, only 2,000 units were built. San Francisco has only a 1.6 percent vacancy rate but stringent rent control law.

The world “stringent” is closest in meaning to which of following?

(A) straightforward (B) strict (C) expanded (D) flexible


7. Only by ignoring decades of mismanagement and inefficiency could investors conclude that a fresh infusion of cash would provide anything other than a_________solution to the company’s financial woes.

Which TWO choices are closest in meaning in the blank?

(A) complete (B) fleeting (C) momentary (D)premature (E) trivial

(F) total











8. He was convinced that if property taxes would have________(rise)any higher, he would have to move to a different state.

Use the most appropriate verb form to fill the blank


9. After the grueling rehearsal, the pianist felt_______(wear) out and wanted only to sleep.

Use the most appropriate verb form to fill the blank


10.______________(从传统上说), children have ______________(begin/study) foreign languages at secondary school , but ______________(引入)them earlier is recommended by some educationalists. This_________(政策)has been________(采取)by some educational authorities or _________(个别)schools, with both positive and negative _________(结果/注:请写出两个表示结果的名词) .

Use the most appropriate translation and verb form to fill the blank

(traditionally,此题为1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;begun studying,此题为2分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;introducing,此题为1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;policy,此题1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;adopted,此题为1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;individual此题1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分;results和outcomes,两个都答全才得1分,除了答案以外的词一律不给分,少了s也不给分。)








三. 语法改错

1. The Navajo code talker, recruited by(A) the United States Marine Corps during the Second World War, they designed(B) a secret code that was(C) used to transmit(D) military messages.

Which choice is the mistaken one?


2. While Sylvia is justifiably proud of (A)the award that she won(B) for placing first in the science contest, but Carol(C) should not feel disappointed about (D) talking second prize.

Which choice is the mistaken one?


3. Traffic was heavy, so by the time Wallach got to(A) the station, John waited (B)for 2 hours, missing(C) at least (D)five buses.

Which choice is the mistaken one?


4. The intricately carved details on(A) the pillars that support the balcony is(B) even more(C) beautiful than the balcony itself(D).

Which choice is the mistaken one?


5. Though Rivers had done all(A) the work, Peters had taken all the credits(B), and so he held him(C) in contempt(D).

Which choice is the mistaken one?


6. Poets during the Romantic period felt more freely(A) to express(B) emotions in their writing(C) than did(D) poets of the Victorian period.

Which choice is the mistaken one?









7.Lorena Ochoa has been recognized not only as a champion golfer but also being a humanitarian, having created a foundation to support young people in Mexico.

(A) but also being

(B) but also as

(C) she also is

(D) also that she is

(E) and also as

Which one provide the most accurate grammatical structure?


8.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a descendant of John and Priscilla Alden, whose romance he celebrated in the narrative poem The Courtship of Miles Standish.

(A)whose romance he celebrated

(B)he celebrated their romance

(C)their romance was celebrated by him

(D)it was their romance he celebrates

(E)having celebrated their romance

Which one provide the most accurate grammatical structure?


9.In some places the sea is unusually rich in nutrients, tiny plants multiply there, turning the water green.

(A)In some places the sea is unusually rich in nutrients, tiny plants multiply there

(B)Where the sea is unusually rich in nutrients, tiny plants multiply

(C)The unusual nutritional richness of the sea in some places multiplying tiny plants

(D)Unusually rich in nutrients in some places, where tiny plants multiply in parts of the sea

(E) Tiny plants multiplying in the unusual nutritional richness of the sea

Which one provide the most accurate grammatical structure?


10.Collector Hans Sloane donated all his collections to the British Museum with the goal being to arouse greater public interest in history.

(A)with the goal being to arouse

(B)and the goal was to arouse

(C)to arouse

(D)therefore to arouse

(E)he aroused

Which one provide the most accurate grammatical structure?







1. The structure of the backbone shows, however, that Ambulocetus swam like modern whales by moving the rear portion of its body up and down, even though a fluke was missing.

Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?

(A)Even though Ambulocetus swam by moving its body up and down, it did not have a backbone.

(B)The backbone of Ambulocetus, which allowed it to swim, provides evidence of its missing fluke.

(C)Although Ambulocetus had no fluke, its backbone structure shows that it swam like modern whales.

(D)By moving the rear parts of their bodies up and down, modern whales swim in a different way from the way Ambulocetus swam.


2. The extreme seriousness of desertification results from the vast areas of land and the tremendous numbers of people affected, as well as from the great difficulty of reversing or even slowing the process.

Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?

(A)Desertification is a significant problem because it is so hard to reverse and affects large areas of land and great numbers of people.

(B)Slowing down the process of desertification is difficult because of population growth that has spread over large areas of land.

(C)The spread of deserts is considered a very serious problem that can be solved only if large numbers of people in various countries are involved in the effort.

(D)Desertification is extremely hard to reverse unless the population is reduced in the vast areas affected.


3. According to conventional theory, yawning takes place when people are bored or sleepy and serves the function of increasing alertness by reversing, through deeper breathing, the drop in blood oxygen levels that are caused by the shallow breathing that accompanies lack of sleep or boredom.

Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?

(A) It is the conventional theory that when people are bored or sleepy, they often experience a drop in blood oxygen levels due to their shallow breathing.

(B) The conventional theory is that people yawn when bored or sleepy because yawning raises blood oxygen levels, which in turn raises alertness.

(C) According to conventional theory, yawning is more likely to occur when people are bored or sleepy than when they are alert and breathing deeply.

(D)Yawning according to the conventional theory, is caused by boredom or lack of sleep and can be avoided through deeper breathing.


4. In the wake of the Roman Empire"s conquest of Britain in the first century A.D., a large number of troops stayed in the new province, and these troops had a considerable impact on Britain with their camps, fortifications, and participation in the local economy.

Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?

(A) Many Roman soldiers remained in Britain after conquering it, and their presence had a strong influence.

(B) The new Roman province of Britain seemed to awaken in the first century A.D. as the local economy improved.

(C)Camps, fortifications, and economic change contributed to the Roman coquest of Britain.

(D)With the conquest of Britain by Roman troops, the Roman Empire gained considerable economic strength.


5. Therefore, when observational assessment is used as a technique for studying infant perceptual abilities, care must be taken not to overgeneralize from the data or to rely on one or two studies as conclusive evidence of a particular perceptual ability of the infant.

Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?

(A)Researchers using observational assessment techniques on infants must not over generalize and must base their conclusions on data from many studies.

(B)On the basis of the data from one or two studies, it seems that some infants develop a particular perceptual ability not observed in others.

(C)To use data from one or two studies on infant"s perceptual abilities, it is necessary to use techniques that will provide conclusive evidence.

(D)When researchers fail to make generalizations from their studies, their observed data is often inconclusive.







Paragraph 1: It should be obvious that cetaceans—whales, porpoises, and dolphins—are mammals. They breathe through lungs, not through gills, and give birth to live young. Their streamlined bodies, the absence of hind legs, and the presence of a fluke1 and blowhole2 cannot disguise their affinities with land dwelling mammals. However, unlike the cases of sea otters and pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses, whose limbs are functional both on land and at sea), it is not easy to envision what the first whales looked like. Extinct but already fully marine cetaceans are known from the fossil record. How was the gap between a walking mammal and a swimming whale bridged? Missing until recently were fossils clearly intermediate, or transitional, between land mammals and cetaceans.

1. In paragraph 1, what does the author say about the presence of a blowhole in cetaceans?

(A)It clearly indicates that cetaceans are mammals.

(B)It cannot conceal the fact that cetaceans are mammals.

(C)It is the main difference between cetaceans and land-dwelling mammals.

(D)It cannot yield clues about the origins of cetaceans.


2. Which of the following can be inferred from paragraph 1 about early sea otters?

(A)It is not difficult to imagine what they looked like.

(B)There were great numbers of them.

(C)They lived in the sea only.

(D)They did not leave many fossil remains.


Paragraph 3: The fossil consists of a complete skull of an archaeocyte, an extinct group of ancestors of modern cetaceans. Although limited to a skull, the Pakicetus fossil provides precious details on the origins of cetaceans. The skull is cetacean-like but its jawbones lack the enlarged space that is filled with fat or oil and used for receiving underwater sound in modern whales. Pakicetus probably detected sound through the ear opening as in land mammals. The skull also lacks a blowhole, another cetacean adaptation for diving. Other features, however, show experts that Pakicetus is a transitional form between a group of extinct flesh-eating mammals, the mesonychids, and cetaceans. It has been suggested that Pakicetus fed on fish in shallow water and was not yet adapted for life in the open ocean. It probably bred and gave birth on land.

3. Pakicetus and modern cetaceans have similar

(A)hearing structures

(B)adaptations for diving

(C)skull shapes

(D)breeding locations


4. The word “It” in the passage refers to






Paragraph 4: Another major discovery was made in Egypt in 1989. Several skeletons of another early whale, Basilosaurus, were found in sediments left by the Tethys Sea and now exposed in the Sahara desert. This whale lived around 40 million years ago, 12 million years after Pakicetus. Many incomplete skeletons were found but they included, for the first time in an archaeocyte, a complete hind leg that features a foot with three tiny toes. Such legs would have been far too small to have supported the 50-foot-long Basilosaurus on land. Basilosaurus was undoubtedly a fully marine whale with possibly nonfunctional, or vestigial, hind legs.

5. The hind leg of Basilosaurus was a significant find because it showed that Basilosaurus

(A)lived later than Ambulocetus natans

(B)lived at the same time as Pakicetus

(C)was able to swim well

(D)could not have walked on land


6. It can be inferred that Basilosaurus bred and gave birth in which of the following locations

(A)On land

(B)Both on land and at sea

(C)In shallow water

(D)n a marine environment







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